N.O.T.D: Metallics in Spring

To say that I’ve been M.I.A. would be an understatement…to say the least.

With the spring season officially starting, I’ve prompted myself to continue my beauty blogging!  It’s literally the least I could do considering I’m still a full-time student…until August…fingers crossed!

A recent purchase inspired me to get back on the blogging bandwagon, and lo and behold it is a nail polish.

Nothing Else Metals

Nothing Else Metals

This is Essie’s Nothing Else Metals nail polish from the 2012 Mirror Metallics collection. And yes, I do realize I’m beyond late with this collection, but in my defense I did make a New Year’s resolution to limit my nail polish purchases. I could undoubtedly start my own salon with the number of polishes I’ve stocked up on.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist this shade…it was just one of those moments:

That moment...

That moment…

It is such a pretty lilac shade that could easily be worn to brighten up a monochromatic outfit or to complement a white summer dress for a sunny beach daytrip.

I'd describe this as a lilac metallic shade with pewter undertones

I’d describe this as a lilac metallic shade with pewter undertones

Here I’ve only applied one coat, and I must say this polish was far more opaque than I expected. It also dried quite quickly, which is perfect for my demanding “#collegelife.” The formula isn’t too thick or thin, which makes for a smooth  application, but I do recommend a second coat as well as a clear topcoat for a more professional, long-lasting manicure look.

On another note, this shade is pretty refreshing when it seems like everyone else is walking around with a hot pink, tropical coral or seaside, baby-blue polish on their nails.

I definitely plan on stalking my local drugstores for other shades from this collection while they’re still available. Especially because the benefit of a “last season” item is that it’s often sold at half the regular retail price.

So, there it is; three months into the New Year I have already broken a resolution.

On the bright side, stay tuned for my next impulse beauty buy…and my beauty blog revival!

Question time: What’s on your nails today?

Until next time,



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