N.O.T.D: In the Nude

Although the popular manicure trend of “nude/manikin nails” was prevalent during last fall/winter season, I decided to finally try a polish I had bought in December just as the trend was at its peak. This is the perfect color to complement my fair skin, as many of the other nude polishes out there have always seemed to look too beige and even dingy-looking with my skin tone. Here’s my pick for a perfect nude polish:

Revlon nail polish in 705 Gray Suede

Revlon nail polish in 705 Gray Suede


As with most Revlon nail polishes, Gray Suede applied smoothly and dried quickly, giving my nails a clean, opaque finish with just one coat. With a second coat, the color does become slightly darker and deeper. Up-close, this polish contains tiny sparkles of gold that are barely noticeable from far away, and also appears as a slightly mauve-based polish under certain lighting. That being said, I’m happy to have found a neutral nail polish like this, as I have nothing like it in my collection and it is a pretty unique color.

What do you think: is the nude nails trend a hit or a miss?